Woman lost 30kg through Hypnosis (Virtual Gastric Banding)

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She embarked on her first weight-loss programme aged 11, but now after four decades of dieting, Cathy Cowin is finally getting her size under control – and swears she doesn’t even have to think about it! The Auckland mum has effortlessly shed some 30kg in under a year without going near a surgeon’s knife or […]

How does Hypnosis Work in Managing Weight Loss?

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I thought it might be interesting to discuss weight loss as that is something that a lot of people seem to come to Ntrance and Capital Ntrance for help with. Anyone reading this is likely to have seen some of the reviews that our clients have left but you might be left wondering “How does […]

Cut me down; Scottie!

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So frequent are the requests at the clinic for help with weight control that my husband often teases me that I shouldn’t describe myself as a clinical hypnotherapist, but as being in the waist-control business! This problem of unbalanced food intakes is indeed prevalent throughout our community. New Zealand is rated behind the USA and […]