Lost Weight

What a wonderful journey it’s been… yes I have lost some weight and yes it’s feeling very permanent, but the most valuable thing I have gained is a happier and more positive mentality. Being overweight makes you tired, irritable and in some cases depressed which so many women find themselves experiencing. I am one of those women who was not coping! I was struggling with the work/home/children juggling act and there was nothing left in the tank at the end of it. It was affecting all areas of my life including work – and I’m not afraid to admit it. I’ve also had many of life’s dramas thrown at me over the last couple of years and combined with everything, it’s been exhausting. I too visited the doctor looking for a quick fix but found that pills were not the answer. So, I am being 100% honest here, this hypnotherapy has been exactly what I have needed! It’s been a blend of therapy aimed at weightloss and anxiety and now after having completed it, I feel like a whole new person.

I truly hope that if anyone else is not coping and want to explore more holistic options – try hypnotherapy and contact Chris Steadman at Ntrance Clinic.”

Celeste Alexander – 17/08/2017


I went to Chris for weight-loss hypnosis. Chris was professional, easy to talk to and helpful. It was a relaxing, well structured session. I have found that I am not eating as much as before and what I am eating is good healthy food. Lynda


I went to see Chris at the Ntrance Clinic for portion control of my food, and cutting back on junk food and esp Chocolate, cheeses and breads.
It has been nearly a week so far, and I have noticed a huge change in my eating patterns, without even having to try!
Normally I would scoff every bit of sugar I could hunt down in my kitchen, and never be able to walk past the fridge without opening it, just in-case a chocolate biscuit or a pie had happened to fall in there in the 15 mins since I had last checked it. That has all stopped.
Normal for me would be piling my plate up with food, and getting my way through that with gusto, and then find seconds the moment I could move. That has stopped, I am serving myself less, and not even finishing what is on my plate.
I am drinking more water and already starting to feel healthier. I can’t wait to see the changes within a month, 6 months or a year!
Chris is super friendly, and the clinic is lovely and relaxed, and the chair you are in is just mind blowing great! ( I would love to take that home with me!)

So if you have any addiction issues you would like help mastering, I would totally recommend Chris at the Ntrance Addiction Control Clinic. Michelle



Wow, just received this text from a very happy client looking for weight-loss (and who just happened to mention she suffered from migraines)
Evening, Chris. Just touching base with you. I haven’t gone near the peanut butter or the raspberry jam mokos. the boys had fish and chips last night. I had a wrap. Wasn’t interested in fish and chips at all. No migraines so far. I am happier maybe because I am eating better. Thank you sooooo much!. Looking forward to the following up. You rock! I have passed you on to a few friends and family members that really do need you to help them. thanks so much!