NZ: Three Major Earthquakes Lead to Anxiety

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Christchurch NZ

For one local woman, experiencing the earthquakes in Christchurch, Seddon and Kaikoura caused her debilitating anxiety.

‘Judith’, who wishes her identity to remain confidential, was treated this year by Chris Steadman of Ntrance Hypnosis for her anxiety and panic attacks as a result of the earthquakes.

Move To Blenheim

She had been in the Christchurch earthquake seven years ago and thought she had been relatively unaffected, although her children were a bit frightened. Shortly after the Christchurch earthquake, her husband was offered a job in Blenheim, so they took the opportunity to relocate and had settled well.

Not long after, the second earthquake rattled through Marlborough, and although it was frightening at the time, again she thought that she had come through okay.


However, when the Kaikoura earthquake hit, ‘Judith’ suddenly started developing anxiety and panic attacks.

According to Chris, the problem with anxiety is that it ‘tends to snowball, so what started off as a relatively minor anxiety, soon became debilitating’.

“For example, she was now unable to enter a supermarket without panicking and she was terrified of entering the Warehouse carpark,” she says.

Nothing To Lose

One evening ‘Judith’ tried to go to the cinema with her friends, but had to get her husband to pick her up before the movie started because of a major panic attack. Not long after this, she decided she had nothing to lose and contacted Chris for an appointment. “She knew she had to do something as her anxiety was increasing over time,” Chris says.

She booked for three sessions but was a little apprehensive at the start because she was worried nothing would work. After three short sessions, she was delighted that she found herself in control of her anxiety and was able to handle the weekly shopping again in a relaxed fashion.”

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  1. What should be done for those who have trauma to the earthquake?
    Many children in Lombok Indonesia are traumatized by a large earthquake in two consecutive weeks

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