I quit smoking

I found my “Quit Smoking” appointment with Chris comfortable and non-invasive. There were three parts to the session, and I felt at ease and well informed throughout the appointment.  I didn’t think this would be possible. As I explained to Chris at the start of the session, smoking is like an old friend: I know she is no good for me. She always wants my money, and talks behind my back, but we have known each other for so long, and she has been with me through the good times and the bad.

Today is my 4th week since quitting. I have been relaxed, and have had very minimal withdrawal. When I have felt a craving coming on, or even a thought of smoking, I just touch the little seed on my ear and it disappears straight away.  The first 5 days have always been the hardest when I have tried quitting in the past, but I have navigated my way through these with ease this time.   I am now looking forward to the extra money and time I have to spend on what I want, instead of wasting it on my ex-dysfunctional old friend, the Wee Willem Cigar, who was sucking the life out of me.   I was smoking at least 8 of these a day. They are very strong, and would make most of my cigarette smoking friends cough up a lung with just one puff on my cigar!

The second pressure point Chris put a seed on was for when you get the crazy, frustrated “quitting anger” which never really came. I did touch this point on a couple of occasions, just for normal life stuff that would have made me annoyed, but I found this to be a very calm quitting process.  My teenagers and my husband were all set to duck for cover, knowing I was quitting, but they forgot I had quit after the first day, because I wasn’t showing any side effects, and I was very calm.  I have noticed my food intake has remained the same, if not a little healthier, and find myself drinking more water.

For those who want to quit any dysfunctional old friend who has been dragging you down, I totally recommend making an appointment with Chris, and allowing her to help you let it go without stress or anguish.  We all have a million and one excuses and reasons to keep us smoking, but there are some huge reasons to quit are you brave enough. Do you know the cigarettes are lying? You can have a coffee and even talk on the phone without them. You can even forget about them.  Chris’s process will help you relax and look forward to brighter cleaner future.



I am doing really well since you saw me. So now I will be  booking my daughter in too as she is so impressed. Thank you so much.