Weight Loss

The easy way to control your appetite through Virtual Gastric Banding.. After four sessions of hypnosis and modern, completely painless acupuncture techniques you will be able to avoid the 'bad' foods and long for fresh fruit, vegetables and all the 'good' foods without cravings or urges to binge and will be able to painlessly control the amount of food you eat. a session on Sugar Addiction is also available

Quit smoking

By combining hypnosis with the most modern painless electrotherapy techniques, we are able to help you give up smoking in the most efficient and least painful way, by minimising withdrawal symptoms, urges and cravings providing that you really want to stop - in fact, you will be feeling so good you will never touch another cigarette.

Anxiety and Phobias

By using hypnosis, or deep relaxation, we can provide great relief to sufferers of anxiety and phobias. Hypnotherapy works by eliminating deep rooted habitual behaviour. During deep relaxation, one becomes very reception to suggestions which are aimed at bringing out desired change.