Smoker’s help with supplements

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Help with supplements.

Many of my clients come to me with an addiction problem, usually nicotine, sometimes alcohol and far less frequently, other substances.

Hypnosis offers a well proven way of freeing yourself from such cravings. Depending on individual variations, some people become more heavily addicted than others. Some require just one treatment and thereafter never experience a single craving for their addiction. Others are less fortunate. Their release from servitude to their demon often requires more than one treatment session and much more will-power.

The human brain has special ‘receptors’ into which addictive substances ‘fit.’ In doing so, they fill the receptors and give the sought for feeling of satisfaction. If after hypnotherapy, you are still suffering from cravings, then you should certainly book a further session with your therapist. Going cold turkey involves needless pain and very often ends in failure, with the addiction returning with redoubled force.

In the meantime there are other things to be done to ease the pain. One of the ways in which you can help yourself is by taking supplements. These supplements seek to occupy the same receptors in the brain as the addictive substances and, if these ‘good guys’ get in position first, make it that much more difficult for the ‘bad guys’ to find a place.

The most effective of these supplements is Vitamin B-3 (Niacin, or Niacinamide.) This vitamin has many other beneficial effects for your health, quite apart from helping you control cravings for harmful substances.

Another recommended supplement is Chromium Polynicotinate (GTF Chromium) to regulate and restore blood sugar levels. Lowered blood sugar levels are commonplace when giving up smoking, as smokers are habituated to an automatic small boost in blood sugar levels each time they light up. When they quit, they can experience mood swings, irritability, hunger and fatigue due to lowered blood sugar levels. GTF Chromium helps to rectify this.

And then you should also take chewable Vitamin C tablets. These are particularly useful for those giving up smoking. Heavy smokers have far lower (up to 40%) Vitamin C levels than non-smokers. This supplement helps restore your body’s balance.

Happily, none of the above supplements are expensive and there is no doubt that they can greatly help any problem cravings in the interim until your mind and body have finally been liberated.


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