How Bad Is Bad? Why Sugar Might Secretly Be Sabotaging You…

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Sugar Cane or Cocaine?

Sweet Tooth or No Tooth? Sugar Addiction is now being recognised as similar to drug addiction.

Scientists have found that sugar is addictive and stimulates the same pleasure centres of the brain as cocaine or morphine.  Just like those hard-core drugs, getting off sweets leads to withdrawal and cravings, which can be hard to wean off.

Eating sugar, similar to drug abuse, changes the layout of our neuron brain cells. This will slowly over time create insidious and uncontrollable habits. 

Sugar and Dopamine

When we eat sugar, our brain releases dopamine, which is what leads to cravings. Dopamine is also released when we take a hit of drugs and it makes us feel pleasure and attachment to what we’ve consumed. 

After long-term drug abuse, dopamine levels drop, which leads to a need to consume larger amounts to get that same pleasurable feeling back. This brain loop mechanism is the reason you can be addicted to sweets the same way you get addicted to drugs.

Sugar is linked to obesity, hypertension, high blood-pressure, heart disease, depression, headaches,  fatigue, tooth decay, and can make losing weight and those last few stubborn pounds a nightmare. Nevertheless, many people might not even know they have a problem.

We already know that sugar is a leading factor when it comes to obesity and the latest World Health Organisation figures tell us 1.9 billion people in the world are overweight and 600 million are considered obese. Excess sugar consumption has been proven to contribute directly to weight gain and excess body fat.


Here are some signs that you might be addicted. Even if you’re not hungry, you eat sweet foods because you crave them.

  1. You know you should cut down on sweet stuff but can’t imagine getting through the day without it.
  2. If you don’t have your daily fix, you start to feel bad and it’s all you can think about until you give in and have something sweet.
  3. You feel tired and sluggish after you overindulge.
  4. You need more and more of these foods to get pleasure from them – a couple of biscuits are not enough.
  5. You have health problems due to your diet (for example, you’re obese) and keep eating high-sugar foods even though you know you are making things worse.

For further information, here is an excellent article from SweetDefeat 

Breaking the Habit

I get clients frequently asking me “does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?”. Helping clients get control of their sugar cravings is one of my specialties, but don’t just take my word for it, here’s one of my favourite virtual stomach gastric band success stories from right here in Marlborough NZ. 

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  1. very difficult to be able to avoid sugar, for the sake of health eager to replace sugar with natural ingredients. What are your suggestions for products that can replace sugar?

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