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Sugar Addiction in New Zealand..?


I want to share a little personal story. The other day Hugh (my wonderfully patient husband) and I were enjoying a coffee while waiting for a flight at the Wellington departure lounge. We were sitting just across from a stand displaying a vast array of multi-and delightfully gaudy-coloured donuts. 


In quiet pursuit of their own business, a continuous stream of passengers passed along the aisle between our table and the donut stand.


We watched in fascination as every now and then, say, one in every twenty or so passers-by, seemed suddenly to enter a magnetic force field and swerve out of the stream of pedestrian traffic before coming to rest bobbing gently up and down against the donut counter.


“I feel addicted to sugar…”


I am becoming increasingly familiar with the ‘sugar addiction’ complaint. Evidently, some people find sugar an even more addictive substance than opioids (Yes! That is a claim made by some medical specialists.) 


Happily, it seems to be an addiction particularly sensitive to hypnotherapy. To date, I have not had a single client on whom my sugar addiction therapy has failed.


A Google search reveals multiple articles on the subject. Are you worried that you might be suffering from this addiction? Here is a simple questionnaire that I have borrowed from the UK’s Daily Mail: 


The Sugar Addiction Test


According to the Mail, if you have positive answers to more than five of the questions – then you have a problem that had best be overcome before the adverse health effects kick in. 


(Personally, I would give you a bit more leeway than just five positive answers – but over ten; it would definitely be time to start worrying!)


How Many Do You Score?


Can you eat sweet, starchy or fatty foods until you are over-full?

Do you feel hungry even after eating a full meal?

Can you eat large quantities of sweets or stodgy foods even when you’re not feeling particularly hungry?

Do you ever feel ashamed (self-loathing, disgusted or depressed) about your eating habits?

Do you ever turn to sugar when you are feeling down or upset?

When things are bad, do you find you need more and more sweet foods to feel better?

Do you plan to eat a small portion (such as one biscuit), but end up binge-eating (demolishing the whole packet)?

Do you find starchy, sweet or fatty foods the most difficult to cut back on?

Do you find it difficult to stop once you start eating starches, snack foods, junk foods or sweets?

Are your eating habits having an impact on your social life, work or physical abilities?

Do you find impossible to stick to healthy-eating resolutions?

Do you feel you need to (have to) have something sweet after lunch or dinner?

Do you eat sweets and chocolates secretly and hide the wrappers because you don’t want anyone to know?

If you cut yourself one piece of cake, do you then find yourself coming back for more and more?

Do you get a foggy head after big meals (or mid-afternoon)?


Daily Mail Article


Final Thoughts:


I regularly get clients asking me about different types of treatments, like “can hypnotherapy help me to stop smoking?” or “does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?”. 


I’m very proud to say I’ve got successful programmes for both. See here for weight loss, and here on stopping smoking, and here for raving client testimonials


If you’re ready to take the next step, or want to find out more, let’s talk. 


Life is hard enough as it is, we don’t need difficult habits holding us back. 


You can find me right here in Blenheim NZ, even saving the long trip to Nelson or Wellington! 


Chris Steadman

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ntrance Hypnotherapy Blenheim


Disclaimer: Everyone and every body is different. While I work my very hardest to give the best results I can, what has worked well for many clients, there is no guarantee will work for all clients.


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