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After hearing the many ways hypnotherapy can help people I asked Daniel to help with my sugar addiction. Every meal HAD to be followed by a cake chocolate or desert (sometimes all three) and I was skeptical that being hypnotized could change my life long habit. But two 30 minute sessions later and I am in control of my eating. I don’t feel any different as a person but the internal struggle when it came to sugar just isn’t there anymore!
Went to Daniel for assistance with sugar addiction (confectionery, ice cream overindulgence). Having never been hypnotised before, Daniel made feel comfortable invited and answered my questions about ways that he could assist such as, background for relevant key areas that he could use during hypnosis such as midnight cravings, temptation, guilt.
Definitely reduced my cravings making me skim over the confectionery supermarket isle and helped me stay as sugar free as possible in relation to confectionery/ice cream overindulgence. Just need to keep at it for it become cemented as an automatic response/habit
Iain Campbell  20/11/2017

It’s been 2 weeks now since I saw Daniel for Sugar Addiction hypnosis. People who know me would have had no idea how much chocolate, biscuits etc I would eat on a daily or weekly basis. I was one of those closet sugar cravers, I would eat 2 big blocks of chocolate in one weekend, as well as numerous small bars throughout the week, as well as biscuits and other sweet treats. I was one of those people who would buy a packet of mint slice biscuits from the supermarket and would have eaten over half of them on the 5 minute drive home. I thought my sugar addiction was funny for a while, but then I realised it was quite out of control and incredibly bad for me and my health. So, I went to see Daniel just before Easter 2018 for the Sugar Addiction hypnosis, he also incorporated mindful eating as when I have quit sugar on y own in the past, I would then binge on chippies, and then go back to the chocolate. Anyway, the Hypnosis worked absolute wonders for me, I am not interested in any of the foods I used to crave, I haven’t even sniffed chocolate since my session with Daniel, the thought to and the cravings are just not there anymore. I am so happy, lots of people don’t take sugar addiction seriously, it really impairs our health. I have zero headaches now, my digestive system functions better, no candida issues, less brain fog and zero energy crashes mid-afternoon. So, if you want to kick your sugar habit forever, once and for all, I would totally recommend going to see Daniel in Wellington. 


Thank you Daniel.  

Catherine Chapman 5/4/2018

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