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About nine months ago I was involved in a car accident. It wasn’t terribly major – we just clipped a parked car while passing. Air bags went off, car written off because of the axle and dashboard. Since then, I have had not been comfortable at all in the passenger seat of any car; it becomes an act of great will to sit there and not look uncomfortable and tense when getting driven here or there.

After a single session with Daniel, this has completely faded. I have just returned from a trip up to Hamilton for work, passenger seat bound the entire way, and upon arriving back it occurred to me I didn’t even notice or think about the feelings. Furthermore, I have felt a lot more at ease with driving myself, it was something I didn’t even know was worrying me but I definitely notice the difference now that it’s not.

During the session, Daniel was very open and professional, fully explaining his methodology and the steps that we were going to take. I felt very comfortable during the whole experience and the results have completely blown me away.

I would highly recommend Daniel and his method of Hypnotherapy to anyone with anxiety or the other huge list of things he can help with.

Alistair Morrison


Fantastic service. A unique,relaxing and non invasive technique that works!!! lovely environment. i felt completely at ease with the whole treatment. Highly recommended to anyone suffering from addiction or anxiety. Kelly

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