Have you ever tried to cut back on sugar?

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No one can exert cognitive inhibition, willpower, over a biochemical drive that goes on every minute, of every day, of every year.” – Dr. Robert H. Lustig

Have you ever tried to cut back on sugar?

I have, and it’s incredibly difficult to do. I think I’m doing okay, then I’ll get to the stage where I have to have some and nothing can stop me! Whether it’s the icecream in the freezer or the caramel slice in the café, I turn up at the café with great intentions to only have a coffee, but somehow that caramel slice ends up on a plate in front of me!

It seems clear that when it comes to sugar, something in the brain does not function like it’s supposed to. That’s the system in our brain that is supposed regulate our food intake and prevent us from gaining weight malfunctions. To understand why and how this this happens you need to know that sugar can “hijack” the brain chemistry to make us want more and more to until it becomes an addiction.  Sugar is uniquely fattening, primarily due to its high content of fructose.

There are several ways that sugar causes us to overeat and gain weight but the main one is the impact that sugar has on the reward centres of the brain. When we eat foods that contain a lot of sugar, a massive amount of dopamine is released in an area of the brain called the Nucleus Accumbens.

When we eat these foods often and in large amounts, the dopamine receptors start to down-regulate. Now there are fewer receptors for the dopamine. This means that the next time we eat these foods, their effect is blunted. So we will need more sugar next time we eat in order to get the same level of reward. Sugar, due to its’ powerful effect on the reward centres of the brain, function similarly to drugs of abuse like cocaine and nicotine. The exact same brain centres are at play. Then once you become addicted, you lose control over your consumption. This is basically how sugar hijacks the brain chemistry to make us crave more and eat more. It has an enormous effect on our behaviour and in some cases can end up in full blown addiction.

I talked to a recovering drug addict who has been to a number of rehabs. She was also a smoker for many years and it was a long battle for her to quit. You could say that she knows addiction like the back of her own hand. She went on to explain that that addiction to sugar is exactly the same as addiction to alcohol where one craves it until one must give in. It is no different to any other addiction except the substance of abuse is different. Overcoming addiction is one of the hardest things to do, especially on your own.

Ntrance has found a way to stop sugar hijacking your brain chemistry and is having a lot of success in treating this which in turns helps with weight loss and other health benefits.

Please contact us for an appointment and we can assure you we achieve awesome results.


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