Sport: Ambitions, Problems and Hypnotherapy


Mind Over Matter

People often claim that Kiwis are sports mad. Excelling in sport is as much, or even more, a question of mind as it is of physical fitness and ability.

It is no surprise then that sport induced problems and ambitions are often raised with clinical hypnotherapists throughout NZ.

The most common requests fall generally into two categories. The first comes from keen sportspeople, who have been out of the sport for a while, perhaps after having been physically injured or suffered a confidence destroying mishap.

The second comes from those striving to succeed and who wish to reinforce their mind’s ability to triumph over their bodies – or over the minds of their opponents.

Ambition To Succeed

I have found that hypnosis is effective in both such instances. With the right approach, memories of traumas, such as a fall from a horse or from a mountain bike, can be moved from the conscious to the sub-conscious where they cease to dominate and inhibit performance.

Likewise, hypnotherapy can help with motivation and focus. Pre-event butterflies and imagined failures (that can all too often prove self-fulfilling) can be replaced by self-belief, self-confidence and a deep inner calmness – in short, a winner’s mind-set.

Mind control during events is a vital factor. Hypnotherapy provides the sportsperson with a great mental toolkit to keep them going when the going gets tough, and to help them perform to the absolute best of their ability.

The Power Of The Mind:

I finish with a quote from the Tri-Focus Fitness Academy, a leading South African sports-training facility.

“The mind is extremely powerful. Not only do we have the power to dictate our thoughts and behaviours; but we can control what we think, how we think and when we think, so that we can achieve the desired outcome of our performance. However, our thoughts can also be extremely destructive. If you believe that you are incapable of performing a certain activity, your body will slow down, making you less powerful and less efficient… The power of the mind in sports performance cannot be underestimated……”

The good news is that hypnotherapy offers a tool to help you dominate your thoughts, so that you start the activity or event with complete confidence in your success.

Sound good?

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