Fired Because You Can’t ‘Go’? Shy Bladder And Drug Testing


Just Can’t Go


Ever been to a public toilet, but suddenly find you can’t go? No matter how much you try to relax yourself, and reassure yourself that it’s okay, there’s something about being in a public space which stops you from being able to pee. 


For some people it’s the fear of a dirty toilet, for some it’s the fear of being heard, and others it’s the fear and anxiety of being seen by other people. 


You’re Not The Only One


The technical name is Paruresis, which is latin for “abnormal urination”, but is known more commonly as shy bladder, pee shyness or bashful bladder, and there’s an estimated 20 million americans who suffer from the condition. Which makes it way more common than you might think.


In extreme cases, if someone is unable to urinate, they may develop urinary tract infections (UTIs), kidney damage or kidney stones. 


In physical cases, shy bladder can be caused by prostatitis, which is a swelling of the prostate and should be treated by a doctor or urologist.


However, the majority of cases of shy bladder are caused mentally. In order to urinate, the bladder sphincter muscles must relax to allow the flow of urine. But when a person is feeling anxious, perhaps from a social anxiety disorder, or just from being in close proximity to others, they may have trouble urinating properly. 


Drug Testing


Not only is this painful and embarrassing for sufferers, but can also have serious impact on employability. It is becoming more and more common for mandatory urinalysis drug testing for employment. This often means having to pee on command, in close proximity to others, while under extreme pressure to perform on the spot.


People with shy bladders can’t pee during drug tests, and fail by default, and become in-eligible for employment.


The International Paruresis Association (IPA) exists to fight discrimination against paruretics with shy bladder, by advocating for other drug testing methods, such as hair or saliva samples, instead of only urine drug testing.


But here’s the good news: 


Because it is predominantly a mental condition, we have a solution which goes right to the root cause of shy bladder.


Using hypnotherapy for shy bladder we can connect directly to your unconscious mind, and remove any anxieties or stress you feel around urinating. Through these sessions we can return your mind to the idea that urination is a perfectly normal and natural thing to do.


Imagine being able to regain control over urination. 


Imagine being able to urinate on command, with other people around, and finding the whole experience feeling safe and comfortable.


Imagine having no more fear of urinating in a public restroom. 


Sound good?


Hey Chris here,


I get clients asking me for all sorts of treatments, like “is there a shy bladder hypnotherapy?”. And I’m proud to say that yes I have a treatment!


If this is something you’re ready to be done away with, let’s talk. 


Also highly requested – “does hypnotherapy work for weight loss?”. Truth is I use a special technique called Virtual Gastric Banding which has the remarkable effect of helping clients cut cravings, eat smaller portions and lose weight at a surprisingly healthy rate. 


Best of all – no surgery required!


Life is hard enough as it is, we don’t need difficult habits holding us back, (and there’s no shame in admitting it!). 


You can find me right here in Blenheim NZ, even saving you the long trip to Nelson or Christchurch! 


Chris Steadman

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Ntrance Hypnotherapy Blenheim


Disclaimer: Please keep in mind that every person is unique, and therefore results from hypnotherapy can vary from individual to individual.

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  1. I went a pre employment drug test and I couldn’t go, I told the lady that I had shy bladder , It did came out a little bit I didn’t know how but I did it, so the company hires me and all of sudden the company knew what happened to me and every one knew about it and was laughing at me that why I had to leave the job , where is the privacy. That is bully a heavy bully.

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