Getting fit, getting clothes to fit again


Rebecca came to me late last year for the 4 week Virtual Gastric Banding session to lose weight.

It was hugely successful with 14kg down by March.

She was now great with food intake and she balanced this with exercise all through summer.

She had noticed improved sleep patterns, decreased anxiety and stress levels.

She felt wonderful as a result of VGB and loved going to the Gym, jogging, or taking a brisk walk every morning.

Then just recently I got a call for help. Cold weather had set in, and the electric-blanket and warm duvet, comfortable bed, comfortable husband was simply too great a pull to haul herself out of bed and into the cold for exercise.

Even though her mind would tell her she must, the temptation of comfort was too strong.

Consequently she hadn’t exercised for three weeks and she was noticing the scales were no longer going down. After all, 20% of weight-loss was exercise and she knew this.

The scales were now static after such a pleasing loss and she KNEW she had to do something but she couldn’t get the motivation she needed.

Not only was it cold in the mornings, now, it was also dark when she woke up and dark when she arrived home in the evening.

Rebecca came back to me for a top-up session and we discussed what was holding her back.

By harnessing the power of her imagination I got her to visualise several adverse weather conditions, such as extremely heavy rain, howling southerly gales, and a severe snow storm and her walking/jogging through it.

This had the goal that when she did go out, the reality would be that was actually very easy.

She emailed me a few days ago to tell me that she was back out there in the mornings and was astonished that it was now so easy and wondered why she had ever had a problem.

She recently went out running in the heavy rain and loved the invigorated feeling it gave her when she got home.

Her energy levels have increased once again and the scales are now falling south once more.

So why does this programme have such a high success rate? Well, it inspires the subconscious mind to change its habitual behaviour in three separate directions.

The clients leave the clinic with new routines in regards to how much they eat, what food they eat and how much exercise they should take.

The great thing about the programme is that though the weight-loss down to the target weight is often much slower than from some of the more popular crash-diet programmes, once lost, the weight is not put back on again.

Yo-yo dieting is a thing of the past; the very satisfying and comfortable new routines become a permanent feature of life.

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