Clinical Hypnotherapy and Electropuncture

Anxiety, fears and phobias

We can help our clients deal with stress and anxiety. We also assist with the irrational fears such as fear of spiders and similar phobias

Weight Loss

The easy way to control your appetite through Virtual Gastric Banding.. After four sessions of hypnosis and modern, completely painless acupuncture techniques you will be able to avoid the 'bad' foods and long for fresh fruit, vegetables and all the 'good' foods without cravings or urges to binge and will be able to painlessly control the amount of food you eat. a session on Sugar Addiction is also available

Quit smoking

By combining hypnosis with the most modern painless acupuncture techniques, we are able to help you give up smoking in less than 1 hour with no withdrawal symptoms, no urges and no cravings providing that you really want to stop - in fact, you will be feeling so good you will never touch another cigarette.



I have no idea what fairy dust you sprinkled, but I have had neither drink nor pastry for a whole week! Thank you and have a wonderful festive season, Kindest regards Helen


Hi, Chris, I am doing really well, thank you. I would now like to set up an appointment for my daughter too.

Quit smoking
Evening, Chris. Just touching base with you. I haven’t gone near the peanut butter or the raspberry jam mokos. the boys had fish and chips last night. I had a wrap. Wasn’t interested in fish and chips at all. No migraines so far. I am happier maybe because I am eating better. Thank you sooooo much!. Looking forward to the following up. You rock! I have passed you on to a few friends and family members that really do need you to help them. thanks so much!
I have just had my last session with Chris. What a wonderful caring person she is. I have now got real control over my life. My stress levels have been reduced and I am now able to deal easily with how I choose to live and eat. I now enjoy life to the full and find I bounce through my days and I can deal with the high stress people and jobs calmly. I enjoy my healthier living and my loose clothes. I recommend this programme to anyone who needs some positivity and control in their lives.  – Sherill
Weight Loss

Wow!! I am writing this on behalf of my Mum who has been a heavy smoker for 25+ years. It has been 3 weeks since she went to see Chris at the Ntrance clinic and she has not touched a cigarette since. The most amazing thing is that she is not suffering any cravings or withdrawal symptoms. I am absolutely impressed!!! Thanks Chris

Quit smoking

Fantastic service. A unique,relaxing and non invasive technique that works!!! lovely environment. i felt completely at ease with the whole treatment. Highly recommended to anyone suffering from addiction or anxiety. Kelly


Normal for me would be piling my plate up with food, and getting my way through that with gusto, and then find seconds the moment I could move. That has stopped, I am serving myself less, and not even finishing what is on my plate. I am drinking more water and already starting to feel healthier. I can’t wait to see the changes within a month, 6 months or a year! Chris is super friendly, and the clinic is lovely and relaxed, and the chair you are in is just mind blowing great! ( I would love to take that home with me!) So if you have any addiction issues you would like help mastering, I would totally recommend Chris at the Ntrance Addiction Control Clinic.


Weight loss

I went to Chris for weight-loss hypnosis. Chris was professional, easy to talk to & helpful. It was a relaxing, well structured session.
I have found that I am not eating as much as before and what I am eating is good healthy food. Lynda

Weight Loss

Dysphagia is a condition in which the throat goes into a spasm and prevents swallowing. The sufferer can neither drink nor eat. I suffered an attack. After twenty-four hours of being unable to take in any liquids or solids I was preparing to go into hospital when it was suggested that Ntrance might be able to help. Within five minutes acupuncture the blockage disappeared and has never since recurred.


I knew I had an alcohol problem. Having previously tried to quit using every method under the sun, including traditional Chinese acupuncture combined with neuro emotional treatment and failed, this method was not only utterly painless and takes less than an hour, but also turned out to be amazingly effective. I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol since my treatment with Chris.

Gave up Alcohol

I realised I had a drinking problem but found it too difficult to quit. However, I had no idea it could be so painless to change a life destroying habit. If you know you have to stop, contact Chris immediately. Charlotte

Gave up alcohol

I found my “Quit Smoking” appointment with Chris comfortable and non-invasive. There were three parts to the session, and I felt at ease and well informed throughout the appointment. For those who want to quit I totally recommend seeing Chris, and allowing her to help you let it go without stress or anguish.   Chris’s process will help you relax and look forward to brighter cleaner future.

Gave up smoking