Trying to Lose Weight?

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Trying to Lose weight? Consider Virtual Gastric Banding (VGB.) The New Zealand Health Survey 2016/17 found that: around 1 in 3 adults (aged 15 years and over) were obese (32%) a further 34% of adults were overweight but not obese. 50% of Māori adults were obese. For all those striving to lose weight, Blenheim clinical […]


Cut me down; Scottie!

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Waist-Control So frequent are the requests at the clinic for help with weight control that my husband often teases me that I shouldn’t describe myself as a clinical hypnotherapist, but as being in the waist-control business! This problem of unbalanced food intakes is indeed prevalent throughout our community. New Zealand is rated behind the USA […]


Overcoming Addictions: Is There A Silver Bullet?

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Time for a throw back! This is an excerpt from an article featured in One on One in the Sun by Cathie Bell  May 3, 2017 Addictions In New Zealand Chris Steadman offers a ‘silver bullet’ solution to people struggling with addictions to cigarettes or food.  She talks to reporter Cathie Bell about her techniques. […]


Capital Hypnosis New Zealand

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Last month saw a landmark in the development of Ntrance. The second Ntrance clinic (re)opened its doors for business (with a slight twist!). What was Capital Ntrance has now been recreated and relaunched as Capital Hypnosis New Zealand!   New Zealand’s first fully online hypnotherapy clinic.    Our son Daniel, having successfully completed his training […]