A Small Thank You To A Dear Friend!


Doing Something Different

I want to do something different today. I want to write a quick thank you note to a dear friend of mine – Chris Henry.

See, Chris runs a small Marlborough wine tour company here called Na Clachan Wine Tours. Now I don’t mean to state the obvious, but since this whole COVID situation the whole world has been in a slight state, and the tourism business is doubly (or triply) so!

Friends Helping Friends

It’s during the tough times that friendships are tested, and the real friends get skimmed from the “fair weather friends”.

I wanted to do a small gesture to support my friend, so I’ve started with this blog to let him know I’m thinking about him, and to spread the word about his wine tour business (seriously, if you know someone who needs to get a proper wine tour with someone who actually knows what they’re talking about – send them over Chris’ way!!), and lastly I wrote him a quick review on Google.

I’ve known Chris a very long time now, and I know he runs a top notch tour, and I have every confidence in endorsing and supporting him.

Good karma!


Is There Someone You Could Help?

The last thing I want is to sound pious here (eugh…what a terrible thought!), but I want to end this post with a question – is there someone you could help?

I’m sure if you think hard enough, you’ve got a friend who could use a small helping hand.

Maybe that’s just a quick email to say you’re thinking of them, or writing them a quick review, or some small gesture.

Remember, every little bit helps.


Alright that’s enough of the sappy emotional stuff, back to the hardcore hypnotherapy next week!


– Chris (Steadman)

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