Betting on friendship


Les and Mark had been close friends for many years as part of the same intake in the airforce. During those working years they were best mates and supportive to each other.

They had each gotten married, had children and had lots of BBQ’s and family get-togethers.

After 20 years or so, both left the airforce and went in different directions. Les took an overseas assignment and Mark got a job locally as an engineer making tanks for the wine industry.

Both were leading different lives and they eventually lost touch with each other.

About a year ago, Les returned to New Zealand and settled in Blenheim again. He tried to look up Mark with no success, but one day by chance he bumped into Mark.

He was horrified to see his old mate fallen on hard times, out of work, couldn’t get a job, and he would not tell Les where he was living. He pretended to Les that everything was fine, but Les could see through the façade.

Les caught up with other mutual acquaintances and found out what had actually happened to Mark. He had developed an addiction to gambling and was unable to pass any pokie machine without having a go.

He would gamble up to $500 at a time. During this period of time he lost his house, his marriage and his family and ended up in assisted accommodation.

Les was so upset he researched how he could help his old friend and came across an article in his wife’s copy of This and That.

He gave me a call and asked whether I could assist. I said yes, because hypnotherapy helps deal with addiction – and gambling is an addiction.

He talked to Mark, and at first Mark denied that he had a problem. This went on for several weeks, but eventually Les’s persistence paid off and Mark agreed to give hypnotherapy a go.

I followed up with Mark a few week ago after his two sessions with me. His transformation was immediately noticeable.

I had given him strategies to make sure he never put himself in temptations way and to my delight he had used those tools and had managed to control the urge to gamble again.

Mark told me that without his friend, Les, he would never have come this far and is so grateful for the friendship.

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