Face tattoo to cure fear?

Fred has a fear of spiders

One sight of the eight legged creatures and Fred is out the door – fast.

But Fred – a 24 year old landscape gardener – didn’t want his fear of spiders to hold him back in life.

So he confronted his fear face-on by… er…

…having a huge black spider tattooed onto the side of his face.

I’m not entirely sure how it will make his fear of spiders go away… but it certainly made his girlfriend go away (she dumped him flat as soon as she saw his spider tat.)

You know what?

I think Fred would have saved himself a whole heap of trouble by going to a hypnotist who could have cured him of his spider phobia.

So how can I help people overcome fears and thoughts that irrationally get in their way?

Why are people scared of flying, when the stats prove that they are more likely to get run over? Why can people not remember a dressage test, or a dog agility course, even though they know them very well beforehand?

Why do people freeze when playing a certain type of golf shot? There are, of course, hundreds of examples.

All these fears and phobias, anxieties and habits have once upon a time, and for some reason, been learnt, and have become automatic behaviours. But the good news is that, providing a change is really wanted, then the habit can be changed into something more beneficial and effective.


This applies also to smoking and weight management.

So I will always ask the question: “do you want to change?” I often get calls from people who want their husbands, mothers, sons to stop smoking, drinking, lose weight, but I will never work with someone if the desire to change their life is not theirs.

In order to change any habits, fears and phobias, no matter how much you want the change for someone else, the change will not last unless YOU, yourself want it.

I saw a client recently who came to me because she was really frightened of flying.

She hadn’t wanted to do anything about it, because she really did not enjoy the idea of travelling until…. Her husband desperately wanted to go to Australia, and, so fed up with his wife’s fears, told her he would take her best friend.

That changed her mind very fast!

As she left my clinic, she said “Do you know what I’m going to do now? I’m going to apply for a passport”! I later heard that she was now happily getting on a plane and holidaying with her husband!

Fears, phobias, bad habits, anxieties CAN be changed. Hypnotherapy is the easiest means to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.

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