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So frequent are the requests at the clinic for help with weight control that my husband often teases me that I shouldn’t describe myself as a clinical hypnotherapist, but as being in the waist-control business!

This problem of unbalanced food intakes is indeed prevalent throughout our community. New Zealand is rated behind the USA and Mexico, as the third most obese nation in the world. I think the youngest client I have treated was a fourteen year old and the eldest was an eternally youthful, ninety-one year old.

Why Lose Weight?

The reasons people are looking to lose weight are either cosmetic, to do with their self-image, or to do with their health. Of course, their motivation is often a combination of the two. I hardly need to go into the possible adverse health and life-style implications of carrying too much weight.

There are multiple excuses people give for putting on excess lard – underactive thyroids, excessive water-retention, being ‘big-boned,’ etc.  It is true that we all have different metabolisms and some people have a natural tendency to put on more weight, more easily than others.

The Impact Of Modern Drugs

Also, particularly with modern drugs (such as steroids, some contraceptives and anti-depressants) and some other medical conditions, this tendency to put on additional weight can be exaggerated.

However, at the end of the day, absent acute medical conditions (which should be obvious to a professional medical practitioner) weight control comes down to physical activity and, most importantly, eating habits and food intake. As one politically incorrect commentator observed ‘There were no fat people in Auschwitz.’

Many of my clients tell me that ‘they hardly eat anything.’ When we get down to analysing what they do eat during the course of a day, it turns out that they are telling the truth. They are in fact eating not more than a single mouthful at a time – but then, that mouthful is constantly being replenished with endless snacking throughout their day.

One of the sneakiest eating disorders responsible for weight gain is that of sugar-addiction. It has only recently been recognised as a medical condition.

For some people, sugar can be every bit as addictive as cocaine – and given its ready availability, far more damaging to their health.

Happily, sugar-addiction is extremely susceptible to treatment through hypnotherapy. I cannot think of a single instance when a client has continued splurging on sugary foods after a session of therapy targeted solely on their sweet-tooth problem.

However, in most cases weight gain is driven by a more complex eating and behavioural disorder. Exercise routines, eating routines, drinking routines all have to be disrupted and redirected.

Generally speaking, this usually requires about a month’s course of four therapy sessions to cover all aspects of the problem. The aim is that, at the end of the programme:

  • Ntrance clients will be in a far more relaxed state of mind.
  • They will no-longer be snacking between meals.
  • They will be regularly appreciating the taste of healthy meals at table (rather than absent-mindedly filling up their bellies as they watch TV.)
  • They will have significantly increased their liquid intake with carbohydrate- and sugar- free beverages (herbal teas, water, etc.)
  • They will be avoiding artificial sweeteners. (These serve only to increase hunger.)
  • They will have greatly increased their level of physical activity – and with it their frame of mind.
  • Their relationship with food will have been changed for life. They no longer require to exercise will power to control their eating habits, which, by the end of the programme, will have become second-nature. Farewell yo-yo dieting!

Rediscover Joy

Often, when my clients start their programme, they arrive in the clinic full of anxiety about what they might be letting themselves in for. Those anxieties soon fly out of the window as they start to deeply relax and let their sub-conscious minds absorb the new reality.

If you read the comments on the Ntrance Facebook page and the testimonials on the website, you will realise that this is a deeply satisfying and enjoyable experience.

It is also highly effective. I can safely say that more than ninety percent of Ntrance’s weight-loss clients would rate their experience not only as being enjoyable, but also as being successful – and often beyond all their expectations.

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  1. A woman 56 years still want to lose weight is it allowed?
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