Overcoming Addictions: Is There A Silver Bullet?


Time for a throw back! This is an excerpt from an article featured in One on One in the Sun by Cathie Bell  May 3, 2017

Addictions In New Zealand

Chris Steadman offers a ‘silver bullet’ solution to people struggling with addictions to cigarettes or food.  She talks to reporter Cathie Bell about her techniques.

Just a few kilometres up Brookby Road, Chris Steadman has a studio tucked in behind her house and under the hill. In this studio, Chris does her work, achieving what she describes as ‘magic’.

“Smokers Have A 90% Success Rate”

Using a combination of hypnotherapy and electromagnetic stimulation on an acupuncture pressure point, she helps people give up smoking and other addictions, and says the technique she uses gives ‘astounding’ results.

“Smokers have a 90 per cent success rate”, Chris Says.

“She’s been through it herself and even though it seems peculiar and mysterious in how it works, the proof is in the results”, she says.

From Heavy Smoker

“Before the dinosaurs were born, I was a very heavy smoker. We lived in York, in England and someone told me a woman down the road could get people to stop smoking. I thought ‘oh yeah – I’ve given up smoking a thousand times’.

It was an Australian woman, she led me into her clinic and first of all, she put a little funny mechanism, with electronics, behind my ears. It emitted a high frequency, a very gentle tingling, and she hypnotised me.  I thought it wouldn’t work, a load of crap, but I was very polite, paid her and left”.

Breaking The Smoking Habit

“I went back to the business I was working at, there were lots of French and Arab students there, they smoked a lot too, and I went into the café area, and it hit me, Kapow. I backed out, absolutely horrified by the smell”.

“I’d been smoking 15 years by then. I never touched another one since”.

Back in Marlborough years later, Chris was casting about for work and remembered this technique. “I came back to this idea,  I went onto the internet, did a lot of research and couldn’t find anyone doing what this woman had done”.

Marlborough Hypnotherapy

“This hypnosis was ‘relatively easy’ Chris says, and she was able to do a course for that, but the machinery part was more difficult and she says she did  lot of research on what ‘that magic mechanism’ was”.

“Just behind the ears, there is an addiction point in acupuncture:, Chris says, “and if you stimulate that it’s much easier to re-programme the brain”.

“Hypnosis can’t let you take control of anyone, but it can alleviate anxiety, stress and bad habits. The machine enhances that.  I found the frequency eventually and a friend a Woodbourne base made me a machine”.

With all the parts of the business in place, Chris has set up her business, Ntrance, from the studio on Redwood Pass Road. “It’s a nice gentle treatment, it’s fun. I’m still completely astounded at the success I have”.

Help To Quit Smoking

Chris started her business working with some smokers and people waiting to improve weight loss, and has developed a treatment for other addictions as well as anxiety and depression.

“I have experience along the full range, the results are astonishing. People looking to give up cigarettes only need one visit, she says, while for weight loss and other addictions, people may need to come back three or four times once a month, ‘just to top them up’.”

“I’m the only person in New Zealand, possibly the only person in the world, that I know of doing this”.

Smoke Free

Ultimately, Chris sees the combination technique being able to be franchised and would like to set up branches in Wellington and elsewhere. The success rate gives her hope that New Zealand could go smoke free.

“If more people are doing what I do, we could stop smoking. It’s very exciting.”

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