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Article by Summa MacDonald, Editor for ‘This and That’

The incredible combination of hypnotherapy and electro-therapy techniques have yet again delivered incredible results, this time not just with addiction but also with our dreaded nemesis, the weight loss ogre, the beast we battle in a turbulent love-hate relationship.

Well perhaps not anymore. By unlocking the power of the mind, we may be able to banish his brute from our lives permanently.

Permanent Weight Loss?  Let me explain….

Have you heard of the gastric band?

This is the very invasive technique that basically constricts your insides with a band, dramatically reducing the size of your stomach.

Meaning that you can only eat tiny portions whilst shedding the unwanted weight. While the result is exactly the intended outcome, your wallet will also be a lot lighter, not to mention the scarring and side effects that surgery can cause and in some cases.

Unhealthy eating a result of the need to ingest hi-carb foods to maintain an appropriate level of energy, and the ongoing medications needed following the procedure.

Chris Steadman has devised an alternative that no only eliminates these ramifications, but also has proven results.

That the weight can be lost on the same premise that your stomach is now halved. Yes, that’s right, with the power of hypnotherapy and electrotherapy that Chris has pioneered, the mind can deceive itself into thinking the stomach actually has a gastric band and can only handle very small portions. Sounds hard to believe, right?

So I spoke to a couple of ladies that have experienced the technique with incredible results!

For the sake of privacy, we’ll call one of these women Lucy. After completing the four session plan, Lucy lost a healthy 6.5 kg in what she describes as a very natural and easy process.

Compared to the eating plan diets she has tried before, this weight loss system allows Lucy to lose weight without the hard work of dieting.  “All I’m doing is eating slowly and much less.

I have also managed to drink a lot more water, which I believe makes a big difference. The incredible thing is that it doesn’t even feel like a diet. I have much less on my plate and still I find I have leftovers.

I am still eating the same types of foods, just altering the quantities. Better yet, the actual treatments were amazing. I really looked forward to the relaxation involved and thanks to the take-home CD or MP3 recording Chris provides, I am able to achieve the same sensations at home to reinforce the subconscious and ensure the treatments last.”

Lucy does stress that when deciding to take this opportunity, it is important to take responsibility for the weight loss too, and be aware of how much you eat. Only embark on the treatment if you are prepared to fully commit to it. “it has been by far the most natural and easiest process and I’m thrilled with the results!”

For the next client, who we will call ‘Karen’, the amount of weight loss isn’t the high point, it’s the change in behaviour. A self-confessed food addict, or ‘born hungry’ as she put it, her love of food caused her unhappiness during her 20s and put a strain on her relationships and lifestyle.

She never had a ‘stop’ button, so the vicious cycle relying on comfort food caused her to gain up to 130kg. There was a hope a few years ago when she quit sugar and lost some weight, but unfortunately it didn’t last long.

That is the difference she has found with this treatment, even when she has had the odd indulgence, the incredibly uncomfortable feeling that follows is not worth the sweet fix.

“The process has been so much easier and being able to feel full and have smaller portions has been a life-changing experience,” says Karen. “A friend was astonished when we went out for Thai recently, that I only was able to finish half my plate, which my friend had never known me to do, ever!”.

Karen has seen others with the real gastric band needing to eat fatty, unhealthy food to boost their energy levels, whereas the hypnotherapy treatment allows for the substantial healthy eating the body requires without the side-effects.

Again, she urges that to take part in the treatments, you have to be committed and be mindful during the whole process. To be able to eat a much healthier and appropriate quantity has already had incredible effects on her lifestyle with positive weight loss achieved, which she is confident can be maintained long term.

Hypnotherapy simply offers nothing more than assistance in finding a state of relaxation in which the mind becomes more open to suggestions from the therapist. Low-level electrical stimulation of the brain aids this process.

They synergy between the two treatment appears to be extremely effective. Chris further reinforces her treatment by using an electronic pen to stimulate specific acupuncture points in the ear.

As a certified practitioner of VGB (Virtual gastric Banding) Chris can now offer the treatment as an inexpensive and safe practice to help those overweight and desperate to change their eating habits, with the dream goal to achieve healthy weight loss.

Still not convinced? Sounds too good to be true? I thought the same so decided to try her technique for myself. My weakness is baking, lollies, sugary treats – al the yummy stuff that couldn’t be worse for you.

I mean the word ‘cake’ even makes me salivate. I’ve got myself stuck in a habit of craving a biscuit or slice everything I have a cuppa. This is even on a daily basis, and to no surprise I am not exactly at my goal weight. So, I asked Chris to see if she could help wth my sweet cravings.

After an hour of what I found to be an extremely surreal experience, which I can’t explain due to deep unconscious state of mind I journeyed into, Chris confidently reassured me that I wouldn’t want to eat anything of the baked goods variety.

Truthfully, I doubted it. I didn’t feel any different and couldn’t imagine my overwhelming sweet desires to have subsided so quickly and easily. The test was going to be sooner than I thought. That night the local preschool put on a movie night, which involved a lavish spread of delicious snacks dedicated parents had brought along, including generous iced carrot cake and rich chocolate rum balls.

Out of habit, I put them on my plate intending to give in and enjoy the delicious morsels. I KID YOU NOT … both sweet items were left lonely and exposed on my plate.  I literally could not bring them up to my mouth as the sweet satisfaction I had always relished had completely disappeared.

My husband looked a t me dumbfounded, he didn’t believe it, he knows my weakness, so hand on heart, we were both shocked. Had the treatment really worked? Days followed and the household carried on enjoying chocolate treats and biscuits, iced buns and all that bad stuff, and to all of our amazement not once did I feel the urge to indulge.

It wasn’t even a case of giving in, I simply had no interest. So for all the sceptics out there, including me, this technique is absolutely worth giving a go. I mean, what have you got to lose… apart from the kilos?

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